Goodnight, Mr. President.

(Note: this is re-posted from one of the bboards I frequent. I meant to put this up the other day, but I kept putting it off. Oh well, here it is.)

When my dad told me Saturday that Ronald Reagan died, I was kind of sad to hear it, and aggravated at my sister for acting glad to hear it. The way I look at it, whether you love him or hate him (or even if you're generally indifferent to him) he was our president, and a true American original.

I didn't idolize the man, but I did admire his willingness to stick to his principles, how he really was well-informed on the issues once you got past the duncy actor cliches, the good-natured warmth of his character that shone through when he spoke, and most of all the true love he had for this country and his optimism for its future.

Plus, he was good to the monkeys. You gotta respect that.

Cheers, and goodnight, funnyman.
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